Grocery prices are on the rise, and with that in mind, we should all consider ways to preserve our resources and save money. Kitchen staples like milk and eggs are becoming unreasonably pricey so valuing every dollar is essential. One way we can save money on groceries is by reducing food waste. 


The amount of food we waste in the U.S. is quite alarming! According to Feeding America, each year 119 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. That is a concerning amount of food being thrown out and not eaten. Additionally, food waste is a serious environmental issue as it releases methane in landfills which is a greenhouse gas that breaks down. Food waste makes up a large percentage of the trash sent to landfills. 


Therefore, being mindful and ensuring that we utilize all groceries bought and not forgetting about those leftovers hidden at the back of the fridge is extremely important. Implementing habits that like refrigerator organization can help us identify what our day-to-day needs are without fishing through your perishables. Let’s take a look at some ways we can cut back on food waste:

Do you got the Juice? 


The ends of celery, carrots, and other vegetables that were left over after cooking can be used to add some flavor and nutrition to your next smoothie. Using parts of produce that are typically not used can also help reduce excess food waste. Juicing fruits and veggies that are on their way to going to waste is also helpful. 


Cook a pot of Soup 

Soup is another way to preserve every last bit of your groceries. This is a great way to use those leftover ingredients. This is also a great way to keep some money in your pocket and save you time cooking throughout the week. 


When Life Gives You Potato Peels make Potato Chips 


Those potato peelings that were going to end up in the trash, can actually be used for a tasty snack. Instead of a knife, ensure you use a potato peeler so that your peels are not so thick. Pop these right in the oven for 20 minutes, and you got yourself a savory treat! 


Organization Rules the Nation 


Organizing your refrigerator and freezer is another important component of reducing household food waste. Follow the following steps to ensure that you have peace of mind when exploring your fridge. 


  • After purchasing groceries, store them in clear containers with labels that show the date they were stored in the freezer/refrigerator. 
  • Move older foods and opened items to the front. 
  • Before shopping, create a meal plan and create space for your new groceries. 
  • Create sections in your freezer for different types of perishables. 
  • Be sure to freeze food in serving portions. 
  • Keep what you plan to eat next ready to grab.


As we know, we can’t use it all, therefore, put scraps that are not attainable in food waste disposers instead of the trash. 


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