Are you in the market for a new washer machine? Are you looking for something packed with optimum features but compact in space? If you said yes, take a few minutes with us as we share tips on choosing a suitable washer for your home. 


Combo Washer-Dryers 


At Equator Advanced Appliances, we specialize in a range of combo washer-dryers. From the first launch in 1994 until our latest 4700 Combo Washer-Dryer, this is the perfect laundry solution if you are limited on space. Having the capability to switch modes from wash to dry provides you with convenience and helps with conserving energy and water. With optimum features like the Pet Cycle and Allergen Cycle, expect the best out of our latest combo washer-dryer unit. 


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Front Load V. Top Load Washers 


Not only does Equator offer all-in-one washing and drying options, but all of our washer models are front-loading. These types of washers generally have up to 50% larger capacity than a standard top load. Front-load washers are also more gentle on your clothes because they are washed using friction prone to an agitator. 


Another benefit of front loaders is that they are much more efficient. These washers can also help you conserve your water, electricity, and detergent compared to a top load or hybrid washer machine. The Spin cycle also works more effectively allowing more water to be spun out of your laundry helping to eliminate dry times. 


Top load washers, on the other hand, tend to be less costly, as they are more basic in development. Even with newer models, these machines tend to be quite basic when it comes to features. For half a century, top-load washer machines have not changed in design, therefore they tend to be less expensive in repairs compared to a hybrid, top-load, or combo washer machine. 


For the most part, they are also simple to use and less costly in price. However, they use much more water and electricity and will cost you more just for those factors alone in the long run. 



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Hybrid Washer Machines 


These machines are built to offer the efficiency and capacity of a front loader washer machine with the simplicity of a top load. While there were some trials in the beginning with the development; over time, manufacturers refined the base design, implementing larger drums, an agitator, and an improved spin RPM to elevate cleaning performance, electricity, and water efficiency. 


Considering Installation 


Now that you’ve purchased the best laundry solution for your home, it is time for installation. If you are considering purchasing one of Equator’s combo washer-dryers, all of our units have the capability of being freestanding. This gives you way more flexibility when it comes to how you want your unit placed in your home.