It's the middle of the summer and heat waves are quite the trend! Heat warnings are in full effect in many areas and people need quality running air. However, with excess heat and humidity, this need for relief can lead to more expensive energy bills. You may not be able to fully avoid an increase in your energy bill, however, you can manage it by considering these tips with your portable and HVAC air conditioning along with other appliances. 


Tips for Portable Air Conditioners 


Whether you have an HVAC system or a portable air conditioner, follow these tips to make sure these cooling appliances can help provide you with optimal relief. 


Avoid turning your thermostat too low. Instead of turning your air on to the max, set your air conditioner at a reasonable temperature. Setting temperatures too cold for the room size could add moisture to the air that is not needed. Move temperatures up if you will be out of the room for a while and if temperatures are sustainable in the evening avoid having your AC run all night. 


Place your unit in the best spot. Ensure that your AC unit is not directly in sunlight.


Maintain your unit. Clean, replace, or care for the unit according to the manual it came with. Be sure to clean coils and vents frequently using a plastic scrub brush. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum to eliminate any leftover dirt. 


Use Portable Units instead of Central AC. Supplementing portable AC units like the ones you can find here at Equator, can help you conserve energy while also providing rooms in your 

home with extra cool air. 



Tips on Keeping Heat at a Minimum with other Appliances 


Dishwashers. Be sure to wash your dishes at night or other off-peak hours. When temperatures are lower your electricity bill may also be. Does your dishwasher have an air-dry option? If so, use it. Additionally, only run your dishes when your dishwasher is full. 


Clothes Washer/Dryer. A lot of energy used during a wash cycle stems from heating water. When you can, use cold water and run a full load, or adjust the washer’s settings to use the appropriate water level for laundry. During the summer, try to run your dryer at night or during off-peak hours, when your electricity rates may be lower. Also, be sure to dry clothes at low-to-medium temperatures. Lastly, clean your filter after each load to increase the dryer’s efficiency while reducing drying time. 


Oven Top and Range. If it is doable, minimize cooking to the cooler evening hours to be sure to maintain decent temperatures indoors. Ensure that your pots and pans are the appropriate sizes for your burners. A heat wave could be a great time to consider induction cooking. Induction units heat only the pan and what's in it, not the air around it or the burner. Learn about our Induction Cooktop options on your website. 


With the prices of food, gas, and everything else skyrocketing, it is important to stay mindful and do everything with intention. Save money and energy when you purchase one of Equator’s eco-friendly portable ACs today!