Retail Observer June 1999

Retail Observer June 1999

June 1999

Left to Right: Jack Sharrow of Equator Corporation, Jenna Smith and Sue Hill of Seattle Public Utilities, Atul Vir, President of Equator Corporation, and John Mitchell of Tri-State.

The Mayor of Seattle, Mr. Paul Schell, at the launch of the Northwest Enviro-Expo on Earth Day April 22, 1999. Seattle Public Utilities offered a rebate of $200 for every Equator EZ 3600 CEE Combo Washer Dryer purchased during the Expo. The 3600 CEE is specifically designed to use less water, less energy and less detergent.

Mr. Schell lauded the efforts of Equator Corporation for its effort to save the environment by coming out with water saving products saying that they consumed less detergent and caused less pollution, thereby helping to preserve and maintain maritime life, in particular, the salmon breeding grounds in Washington State.