Retail Observer August 1998

Retail Observer August 1998

August 1998


Equator’s new counter-top dishwasher

Houston, TX: Equator Corporation introduces the Equator Mini-Maid, a compact dishwasher designed to be placed on a kitchen counter. The space saving design saves you time and energy as well, and uses less detergent and water than full-size dishwashers.
Although it measures only 191/2″ H X 19 3/4 W X 19 3/4 D, you will be surprised when you see that it can clean up to eight complete place settings. This scaled-down dishwasher also offers full-sized cleaning power with two spray arms – upper and lower.

The Mini-Maid is ideally suited for singles, sma11 families ands seniors living in apartments, condos and older or sma11er homes without space for a dishwasher. These space-saving dish- washers are perfect anywhere space is limited, such as RVs, campers, vacation homes or house boats. The easy to reach and operate controls and shal1ower depth also make the Mini-Maid accessible for people with disabilities.

The Equator Mini-Maid is available in a stylish white finish that is perfect for even the most modern kitchens. The dishwasher comes with all hoses and manuals needed for installation and operation, a pu11-out dish rack with silverware basket and glassware shelf, and a faucet adapter which allows you to Quick-Connect your Mini-Maid to a kitchen faucet if desired.
Equator Corporation is a pioneer in the appliance industry, specializing in innovative, energy efficient appliances like the Equator Clothes-Processor, a front-loading, combination washer and tumble dryer.

The suggested retail price of the Mini-Maid is $349. It is UL approved for both the US and Canada, and comes with a one year warranty for parts and labor. Distribution is carried out through a network of hubs located in Newark, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and Houston.