Remodeling Products Guide

Remodeling Products Guide

by Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Group Publications
April 1999

Perfect for condos and townhomes, the Clothes Processor washes and dries your laundry in a single33½x23½x23-inch unit. Plus, ventless electric operation means you can tuck it under a counter or inside a cabinet.


Model EZ 3600 C has five wash cycles and sells for about $995. Equator Corp., Dept. RPG, 10067 Timber Oak Dr., Houston, TX 77080; 800/935-1955, ext103

Mike Carrillo, Equator in Florida, Maurice O. Alikard, Equator in Rhode Island, Atul Vir, president, and Larry Bravman, Northeast sales manager.


The Mayor of Seattle, Mr. Paul Schell, at the launch of the Northwest Enviro-Expo on Earth Day April 22, 1999. Seattle Public Utilities offered a rebate of $200 for every Equator EZ 3600 CEE Combo Washer Dryer purchased during the Expo. The 3600 CEE is specifically designed to use less water, less energy and less detergent.

Equator Clothes-processor Gets Highest DOE Energy Efficient Rating

CBS TV selected Equator as one of three brands shown at K/BIS to be featured on its This Morning show. The EZ 3600 CEE is a combination washer and vent- less tumble dryer and the only one washer-dryer to receive an Energy Star rating. Because of its incredible efficiency rating, utility and power companies across the country are rewarding customers with unprecedented rebates, some as high as $375!”, said Atul Vir, president of Equator. Equator also introduced a new all stainless steel undercounter dishwasher that is only 32 inches high.