Equator Celebrates 25 Years as an Independent Home Appliance Company

In April, global appliance company Equator Advanced Appliances celebrates its 25th anniversary. The independent company called it a significant milestone that showcases their ability to use technology and innovation to “compete in an industry crowded with giant multinational corporations.”

Since its launch in 1990, Equator has released a number of innovations that have, in their words, changed the way Americans do laundry. According to Equator, they were one of the first companies to introduce the combo washer-dryer unit to the U.S. market. And since then, Equator appliances have become a staple in some 250,000 homes throughout the country.

To survive in an industry dominated by large companies like Whirpool, Electrolux, and Samsung, Equator said it has devoted significant focus to innovation. They’re “known for creating the first convertible washer-dryer capable of venting and condensing,” they said in a statement. Equator also recently showcased its Smart Combo unit at IFA 2015 and CES 2016.

To mark its 25th anniversary, Equator introduced the Super Combo, which tackles common issues with doing laundry in developing nations. “Now available in India and China, the combo includes a built-in surge protector, bottom panel to prevent entry of pests, cleanable water filter, option to run on battery power, and a secondary pump to draw water from another source such as a bucket,” Equator explained. The Super Combo was launched in white, and will soon be available in silver, black, and red. And, in the coming months, Equator will launch the Super Combo in a Panatone Pink color.

Other products coming down the pike this year include Equator’s newest combo microwave oven, wine refrigerator, standard compact dryer, and the Combo Washer Dryer 4400.

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