Appliance Company Launches Innovative Products in India (Nov 5, 2015)

American appliance company Equator Advanced Appliances will introduce its products in India at the India International Trade Fair being held from 14-28 November 2015 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Equator is best known for its innovative laundry system that combines a washer and a built-in heat dryer in one unit.  The Combo Washer-Dryer is a front-loading single unit that makes laundry easier by eliminating the need to move a heavy, wet load of clothes from the washer to a separate dryer, or to the outdoors for drying.   It is a time and labor saving home appliance that benefits professionals, families and seniors.   At only 24 inches wide, its compact size allows for use in any home, salon or medical office.

The Super Combo has achieved numerous awards in the USA, where it was designed.   While the washer is energy efficient and water saving, the dryer has got two options for drying – venting and condensing. The venting dryer works with heat that is blown into the drum and exhausts to the outdoors in normal applications. The condensing dry option uses a water- cooled system to extract moisture from the clothes and is removed through the drain hose, making it ideal for the monsoon season.  “The drying option allows consumers to make a choice at the touch of a button” said Vir, whose company launched the first Combo in USA over two decades ago”.

The Equator Super Combo™ has a spin speed of 1000 RPMs and a capacity for 6 kgs. of laundry. It features high-tech electronic controls with a VFD-lit panel that displays cycle progress and remaining time. Other features included a delay start option, child safety lock, adjustable leveling legs, coin trap, add-a-sock option, and a wrinkle guard setting.

Additional features for the India specific model include a built-in surge protector, bottom panel to prevent entry of pests, cleanable water filter, option to run on battery power, and in case of water cut-off, a secondary pump to draw water from another source such as a bucket.  Initially available in white, they will also be offered in silver, black and red in the near future.  The Super Combo will cost Rs. 48,000 and come with a one year full warranty.  National after-sales service will be provided by Jeeves.

Equator Advanced Appliances was founded in 1990 by Indian immigrant Atul Vir in Houston, Texas, USA.    Vir is recognized as a pioneer of laundry technology in the US, where he holds 18 patents.   Equator’s product line includes laundry, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers and other essential home appliances, and have been featured in Popular Mechanics, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal and Oprah.  Now in its 25th year, Equator remains committed to creating innovative products that solve real problems in its customers’ lives.

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