Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
Equator Super Combo EZ 4400 N Pink
1200 RPM (for faster drying)
Color Coded LED Display
Automatic Water Level
Automatic Dry Level
Optional Sensor/Time Dry
Refresh Function
Diagnostic (12 error codes)
Child lock
Delay Start
Self clean option
Add-a-sock option
End of cycle chime
Built-In Diagnostics
Easy to open coin trap
Start / Pause Function
Adjustable Leveling legs - 4
Water saver option
Easy to install - 2 shipping rods
Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle
Convertable Venting / Condensing Dry
Electronic control panel with LED Lights
Energy saving - auto display off after 5 min
Venting Booster fan option to blow air 50 ft
Angled 45 deg handly (Reduces Blending)
Type : Combo Washer-Dryer
Capacity : 13 lbs
Programs: 14
Door Diameter / Swing: 16″ / 180°
Weight Ne t/Gros s lbs : 161/170
Dryer Ventilation (Convertible): Venting/Condensing
Wash or Dry Option Only: Yes
Pre-Wash Function : Yes
Half-Heat Option : Yes
Stainless steel drum : Yes
Automatic door lock in wash : Yes
Door lock open in dry mode : Yes
Easy access coin-trap : Yes
Spin Speed : 1200 rpm
Additive Dispenser: Automatic
Electrical : 110 V 60 Hz 15 A
Unit Dimension HxWxD(inch) : 33.5 x 23.5 x 22
Pack Dim ension HxWxD(inch): 36 x 26 x 25
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By - Rated Customer on January, 18 2019

My thoughts are in total agreement with the word "excellent

By - Rated Customer on January, 14 2019

This is like a little giant in my small space. Once I learned how to use it, was awesome. Set it and leave to run errands!

By - Rated Customer on December, 04 2018


By - Launna Weiss on May, 29 2018

We are a family of 12 doing a tour of the 50 states in an RV. As you might imagine, we have a lot of laundry. Sure there are sometimes machines at RV parks, but we try to use those only for our blankets when we can. We do almost all of our laundry in this beautiful machine.

By - Matthew Tanner on May, 10 2018

I wanted to thank you for all your help in resolving my issue of my washer/dryer combo. I appreciate you taking the time and making a sincere effort to make sure the issue was corrected and following up to make sure everything went smoothly. Please forward this to your supervisor so they know what a great employee they have. Thank you again,

By - Phillylocks on February, 13 2018

I only gave it four stars because I haven't actually used it yet. I just had it installed in a brand new apartment where it has made quite an impact. Everyone seems impressed by it because they haven't seen it before. The silver color is also fantastic with my stainless steel appliances. I will rate this again once the machine has been used.

By - Harry Chicago, IL, USA on February, 09 2018

I purchased this machine, and found it the best. Very good product, and I would recommend everyone to buy this Combo machine..

By - Robin on February, 07 2018

I am very happy with the functionality of this machine. It works GREAT!!!

By - ED on February, 07 2018

Highly recommending this product. Works very well!

By - Infochick on February, 01 2018

Great little machine for our condo.

By - Jonathan on December, 19 2017

So far working perfectly. no complaints. dryer works great.

By - CuteRed on December, 10 2017

It's just so cute, for a small family it works great. Doesn't take up allot of space. Only draw back is one load wash and dry at a time. But love it.

By - Bruce on November, 14 2017

By - tbro on October, 11 2017

This washer/dryer combo is great! It installed easily and works beyond my expectations. I previously owned a Splendide model which was similar but didn't have the vented drying capability therefore loads took an inordinate amount of time to dry. This thing dries like a normal dryer and I love the fact I can put in a load to wash and dry and not have to worry about changing appliances. It's the perfect appliance.

By - Richrd1121 on October, 04 2017

Bought for my mom she lives in an apartment, works good for her you do need to have a dedicated spot for it as it has no wheels

By - Stacey on September, 26 2017

Was exactly as described. It is definitely a smaller washer but is perfect for 2 people. I have the dryer vented out and it works great.

By - Raydc on September, 25 2017

As a brand that I hadn't heard of, I was skeptical, but this washer/dryer combo (vented even!) has worked out much better than I expected. No, they cycles aren't as short as a separate washer and dryer, but when you don't have to take out the wash to put in the dryer, does it really matter? This unit is in a beach house, so it works out fine in a two bedroom one bath place. More than that, I'd recommend a standard washer/dryer stackable or separates..

By - LUCKY on September, 05 2017

Works great...good support. I really like it and love to show it off to my friends

By - Hahaha on August, 29 2017

I love this little machine!! I was afraid because I've heard combo machines don't dry right or take forever... nope, this little machine is amazing!! I highly recommend it.

By - LandD on August, 22 2017

We are extremely satisfied with this machine. We replaced the existing combo unit in our motorhome with this machine. Wow! What an improvement. The clothes are clean. We vented the dryer outside and it works well.

By - Cocky on August, 01 2017

it's great, very compact.

By - Dee on June, 20 2017

This is like a little giant in my small space. Once I learned how to use it, was awesome. Set it and leave to run errands!

By - Hadtolinethem on May, 20 2017

Fitted a tiny space and runs well

By - Maynerd on April, 18 2017

This item is in our 5th wheel we live in. It can be vented or not. Works better when it drys when vented. Washs great everything very clean, drying works great on light weight items. Takes very long time to dry Jeans, towels or any heavyweight item. Love the convenience to have this. We compared a lot of the washes before we bought this one.

By - Nonnie08 on March, 30 2017

The Combo was a little tricky to figure out but I've now done two loads without a hitch and they came out beautifully. It's no noisier than any other washer and drier and fit into a linen closet which allows me to do laundry above the basement. I highly reccomend it.

By - Pammy on March, 24 2017


By - Gator on February, 28 2017

I bought this combo to replace a Splendide combo in my motorhome. The size was compatible with the Splendide and the Combo slid right in. The Combo has features that were not available on the Splendide, and the cost was much less. I have not experienced any operational problems, as the Combo operates as advertised.

By - Daniel Sobers on November, 23 2016

Equator is quiet a decent brand, but compact size is the reason i purchased the supercombo and i am quiet impress. I will use and update the review.

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