With the economy becoming less “consumer friendly,” a frugal lifestyle is needed to maintain not only our bare necessities but to ensure we are living a quality life in general. With that being said, daily essentials like water and energy consumption can either cost you a lot of money or by being mindful of our day-to-day use you can keep those simoleons in your pocket.

This mindfulness can go a long way with not only helping you save but also ensuring that we keep the Earth green and safe for everyone. Appliances like the dishwasher and washer machine believe it or not, consume a lot of water. After you read these brief tips, we hope that you will start to think about how you can easily prevent the overconsumption of water.


Full Loads of Laundry and Dishes

When doing the dishes or laundry ensure if loads are not full, be sure to set to the appropriate-sized cycle to reduce the usage of water. Additionally, load your dishwasher efficiently to ensure you have the maximum space.


Avoid Pre-washing Dishes

This one can be a hard one, especially if you were brought up to always wash dishes before inserting them into a dish washer. However, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, pre-rinsing dishes can cost you 20 gallons of water before you even use your dishwasher. Compare that to Equator’s WBT 2440 dishwasher which only uses 3.4 gallons!

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Use Refrigerator to Defrost Frozen Foods

This assist in eliminating the use of water when it comes to bringing your food to the appropriate temperature to cook. According to the EPA, running water in your kitchen sink can cost you 2.2 gallons of water in a matter of minutes.


Purchase Water Saving Appliances

Is it time for you to start shopping for a new clothes washer or dishwasher? Equator’s innovative, advanced, and green combo washer-dry and dishwashers not only are great at preserving water consumption but are also excellent at providing energy efficiency. Shop with Equator Advanced Appliances today to experience advanced appliances that are environment and economically conscious.