Stackable Washer and Dryer Sets Comparison

EW 824 & ED 850 EW 824 & ED 860 EW 824 & ED 852 EW 835 & ED 860 EW 835 & ED 850 EW 835 & ED 852
Capacity 13lbs+13lbs (1.6cu.ft + 3.5cu.ft.) 13lbs+13lbs (1.6cu.ft + 3.5cu.ft.) 13lbs+13lbs (1.6cu.ft + 3.5cu.ft.) 18lbs+13lbs (1.9cu.ft + 3.5cu.ft.) 18lbs+13lbs (1.9cu.ft + 3.5cu.ft.) 18lbs+13lbs (1.9cu.ft + 3.5cu.ft.)
Wash Features Benefits  
Sanitize Heats water at high temperature to kill harmful germs and viruses X X X
Allergen Cycle Keeps your clothes safe and gets rid of dust mites that cause allergiies X X X
Quiet Function Machine operates < 60dB Good for babies and elders X X X
Self clean option Water is heated to clean and disinfect inner drum. X X X
Pre-Wash Function An extra cycle that can be added at the beginning of washer cycles X X X X X X
Add-a-sock option Wash program can be stopped to add forgotten items to laundry. X X X X X X
Dryer Features Benefits  
Air Intake Dries via a safe air-intake vented system X X
Sensor Dry Automatically detects time required to dry, save time and electricity X X X X
Refresh Function 12 minute cycle to make laundry fluffy and warm X X X X
Automatic Dry Level Sets the dryer heat level based on type of wash setting X X X X X X
Timed Dry Cycles Time Dry cycle option of fixed 60 minutes. X X X X X X
Wrinkle guard Drum turns ½ cycle every 5 minutes rotating clothes X X X X X X
Dual fans for Faster Drying Improved drying over single fan units X X X X X X
General Features Benefits  
Touch Buttons Advanced technology for ease of use X X X
QR Code Easy access to owners manual and customer support X X X
Anti Microbial Drum Baffles Avoids growth of bacteria in order to keep your clothes safe. X X X
Redesigned control panel Customer friendly buttons and interface for ease of use for everyone X X X
Winterize Quick 2 minute easy to operate cycle. X X X
Smart Technology Automatic Water and Heat Level, Saves water and electricity. X X X
Auto Display off Turns off display after 5 minuties, saves energy X X X X X X
Door Diameter in inches Larger door opening for ease in loading the machine with clothes 16 16 16 18 18 18
180° Door opening Door opens fully so it does not come in the way while loading X X X X X X
Color coded LED Display and LED Knob lights Color combinations for easier operation and understanding of cycles X X X X X X
Child Lock Child lock prevents tampering with the controls of the unit. X X X X X X
End of cycle chime Notification chime at the completion of the wash programs X X X X X X
Angled 45°door handle Reduces bending to open the door X X X X X X
Adjustable Leveling Legs Prevents vibration and maintains balance on uneven floors X X X X X X
Easy to install - 2 shipping rods Quick hassle free installation by just removing 2 shipping rods X X X X X X
Delay Start (24 hours) Provides flexibility of using during lesser power rates X X X X X X
Easy Access coin-trap A special filter designed to separate lint and remanant items X X X X X X
Stainless Steel Drum To avoid rusting and provide longevity to the washer X X X X X X
Stackable Option Use the Rear Stacking Kit to stack a dryer on top of a washe X X X X X X
Built-In Diagnostic Multiple sensors track operations and identify faults to prevent downtime X X X X X X
Child Lock Prevents tampering with the controls of the unit. X X X X X X
High Speed Turbo Fan Included for best drying performance X X X X X X
Door Safety Switch Included door lock for children and operator safety when unit is in use. X X X X X X
Lint Filter Prevents lint built up X X X X X X
Pause function For smoother operation X X X X X X
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