Say goodbye to those chilly short days and say hello to warm breezes, flourishing gardens, and milder weather. What we don’t want to greet is our annual dose of allergies. Although it may not be completely avoidable, check out a few ways you can keep those pesky allergens to a minimum this Spring in your home. 


Wash it Away


Pollen is not just spread by air; it also can cling onto your clothes. Washing your clothes immediately after use can help remove the pollen before it becomes airborne in your home. Washing your bed linens frequently in hot water can help eliminate allergens like dust mites. Additionally, do not underestimate the build-up of allergens in your hair from being outside. Washing your hair more frequently than usual is essential during this time of year. 


Drying Laundry Indoors 


Although most people dry their threads the standard way. Some people still tend to dry their clothes outdoors. Drying clothing outside can result in pollen or other allergens attaching while outside and end up coming back inside with you.


Vacuum Consistently 


Pollen and allergens can easily end up just about anywhere you imagine. They can end up on your carpets, hard surfaces, furniture, drapes, and mattresses. Use your vacuum or the VSM 6000 to assist in removing as much allergens from your environment as possible. Equator’s Vacuum, Sweep, Mop comes with a HEPA filter which is capable of removing more than 99 percent of allergens with particles that can end up being larger than .3 microns. 

 The VSM 6000 is cleaning for the future, put away that standard vacuum and take advantage of this innovative device.


Purify the Air and Keep it Cool 


Similar to our VSM 6000, our Portable AC (PAC 162/122) is engineered with a HEPA filter specifically made for the air purifying function! Devices like these or other air purifiers can help minimize up to 50% of air pollutants depending on how big or small the unit operates. Also, ensure that you keep the air cool when temperatures rise to reduce pollutants and allergens in your environment. Both models of our Portable AC also comes with a dehumidifier that is also excellent in specifically removing allergens like dust mites which thrive in humidity. 

Take advantage of the PAC 162’s premium features, keeping your home cool, heated, purified, or dehumidified!