Vent Bucket

Vent Bucket
Vent Bucket

Vent Bucket

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Designed for safe indoor dryer venting where outside venting is impossible. Fits any
clothes dryer. Includes Bucket (Dims - 6.4"x11"x5.3"), 5ft. flexible venting hose with 4" diameter and
2 nylon straps.

When outdoor venting isn't an option, the Vent Bucket from Equator is your best solution. Air from the dryer is vented through a flexible aluminium exhaust hose into the Vent Bucket, which contains water. The water traps the lint and the louvers exhaust the clean air into the laundry space. Designed for use with electric clothes dryers, it's perfect for apartments and condos.



•   Fill water to the 1”marked level in the Vent Bucket before use
•   Periodically check the water level and clean out the collected lint
•   Only for electric venting clothes dryers. Not for use with gas clothes dryers

  • 1. Compact, light and durable bucket
  • 2. Free standing or can quickly and easily be installed on a wall
  • 3. Flexible aluminium duct connects the bucket to the dryer

Frequently Asked Questions

 As soon as you sees that here is no water then it should be filled in!