Faucet Adapter Kit

Faucet Adapter Kit - FAK 1071
Faucet Adapter Kit - FAK 1071

Faucet Adapter Kit

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The Faucet Adapter Kit includes a snap-on snap-off 2-part faucet adapter and a Y-connector. Part A of the faucet adapter easily connects to a single sink faucet and can remain connected. Part B connects to Part A and to the Y-connector. The 2 split ends of the Y-connector allow connection to hot water and cold water hoses which attach to the washing machine. The snap-on snap-off feature of the faucet adapter allows for a quick one step process to connect the water supply from the sink faucet to the washing machine. Once the washing machine has completed the laundry cycle, Part B along with Y-connector and hoses can be easily snapped off and removed from the sink faucet. Part A remains on the faucet for use when it’s the next time to use the washing machine.

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