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Equator’s New Ventless Washer-Dryer

HOUSTON, TX – The Equator Corporation has introduced the Equator Clothes-Processor EZ3600 CEE, a washer-dryer combo which meets Energy Star and CEE standards. With the EZ 3600 CEE, there is no transferring of clothes from washer to dryer and the unit is also ventless.

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Equator Corp. offers the Equator Clothes-Processor EZ2500C, the company’s newest washer-dryer combo. In addition to the benefit that laundry is washed and dried in the same unit, the unit is ventless, so it can be installed under a counter, or built into a kitchen or laundry room cabinet.

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Equator Corporation’s EZ 2500C is a ventless washer/dryer that measures 33’Ax23Nx18 inches and operates on 120-volt AC power (15 amps). The unit has five wash cycles: prewash, regular, permanent press, delicates and knits/woolens

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Consortium For Energy Efficiency High Efficiency Clothes Washer Initiative


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Give it a spin: A washer and dryer all in one

If a combined washer-dryer sounds like one of those “Why didn’t somebody think of that years ago?” ideas, get this: Somebody did think of it more than 30 years ago, but we Americans were too busy with big washers and big dryers to notice.

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Sounds too good to be true: a washer and dryer in one. Throw a load of dirty clothes and detergent in, turn it on and be on your merry way. Later on, return to find the clothes not only washed, but also dried. The EZ1000 ($795 suggested retail) from Equator Corp.

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Space-Saving Washer-Dryer

(NAPS) – Helping many homema ers really clean up when it comes to saving time and space is an innovative washer-dryer combo. It actually washes and dries clothes in the same unit.



Equator Won Award for Best in specialty electrical appliances USA & Best Washer/Dryer out of 21 categories in August 2015

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