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Give it a spin: A washer and dryer all in one

If a combined washer-dryer sounds like one of those “Why didn’t somebody think of that years ago?” ideas, get this: Somebody did think of it more than 30 years ago, but we Americans were too busy with big washers and big dryers to notice.

Austin American Statesman

Clean machine

Sounds too good to be true: a washer and dryer in one. Throw a load of dirty clothes and detergent in, turn it on and be on your merry way. Later on, return to find the clothes not only washed, but also dried. The EZ1000 ($795 suggested retail) from Equator Corp.

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Space-Saving Washer-Dryer

(NAPS) – Helping many homema ers really clean up when it comes to saving time and space is an innovative washer-dryer combo. It actually washes and dries clothes in the same unit.

Global Appliance Company Launches New Stainless Wine Refrigerator

HOUSTON—Global appliance leader Equator Advanced Appliances will debut a new, compact home innovation this month. The stainless, 7-bottle wine refrigerator will delight wine aficionados worldwide and take the small-home appliance market to the next level of high-tech efficiency.With Equator’s signature flair for staying years ahead of its time in compact designs, the appliance leader continues exhibiting its commitment to technological progress.

Global Appliance Company Launches Super Combo Model EZ 4400 CV

HOUSTON-Global appliance leader Equator Advanced Appliances will debut another new home laundry innovation this month. Equator’s newest offering, the white Super Combo EZ 4400 CV, is economically- and environmentally-friendly, and provides a fourth color option for style-savvy users to choose from.

Global Appliance Company Launches Stainless Combo Microwave-Oven

HOUSTON - Global appliance leader Equator Advanced Appliances will debut another of its innovative products this month: The new stainless, CMO 800 Combo Microwave-Oven is a compact appliance that provides cooking convenience with a mini-footprint.

Equator Crosses The 25-Year Mark (twice.com)

In an industry dominated by multinational giants, it’s not easy for a smaller player to compete, let alone for over two decades