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The EZ 1000 Equator Clothes-Processor is the ultimate space saver – a washer and dryer in one unit. You won’t need to load and unload, because once clothes are washed, the machine switches to drying mode. The space saving machine is the size of most dishwashers and holds only slightly less than a regular washer.

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The EZ 3600 is a combination washer and dryer that occupies 70 percent less space than separate units. The manufacturer, Equator Corp., says that not having to transfer wet clothes from a washer to a dryer also saves time.



Equator Won Award for Best High Efficiency Washers out of 26 categories in July 2016

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US Appliances Player Equator Sets Up Subsidiary In India

Purvita Chatterjee Will createIndia-specific products Mumbai, November 22:

Houston-based Equator Advanced Appliances has set up a subsidiary in India for sales, distribution and marketing.

Appliance Company Launches Smart Laundry at CES and KBIS 2016

HOUSTON - Global appliance leader Equator Advanced Appliances will debut a major home laundry innovation at the CES & KBIS Conventions in January 2016: a “Smart” combo washer-dryer with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Accent on Living

Accent on Living

Only one trip to the laundry room? That’s right! The EZ1000 Equator Clothes- Processor is a front-loading washer-dryer combo which actually washes and dries clothes in the same unit

American How To

American How To


Washing and drying converge at the Equator EZ3600 ventless electric “clothes processor” ($995). The unit will wash and dry 13 pounds of laundry. The hot air that dries the load is water-cooled internally.



Equator squashes eight place settings into a dishwasher that fits on a countertop. It still has room for a slide-out dish rack, silverware basket and glassware shelf. At 19.5″ x 19.75″ x 19.75″, the Equator Mini-Maid dishwasher ($349 SRP) has both upper and lower spray arms and uses less detergent and water than full-size dishwashers

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September 1994

It’s a Small World In Baltimore, MD, a working model house called Future Home is specifically designed for people with disabilities. Inside this home is a combination washer-dryer —  a common appliance in Europe.