Equator Super Combo EZ 4000 CV Merlot

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Category: Laundry Products, Combo Washer Dryers
Product Code: EZ 4000 CV
Model: EZ 4000 CV
Color: Merlot

The Equator Super Combo EZ4000 is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development. This 2 in 1 washer/dryer combo is the first ever to offer the user the option of choosing between venting or condensing for the dry cycle.

Additionally, the machine is only 22 inches deep, making it the slimmest combo available in North America. This means that users can feasibly take the machine anywhere, from a house, to an apartment, to an RV, regardless of the type of dryer connection available!

Of course clean laundry is the top priority. The Super Combo features 14 programmed wash and dry functions tailored to all fabric types. That way you can be confident that your towels will come out clean and your delicates will be safe.

The way the Super Combo works is also revolutionary because it is very water and energy efficient. The Super Combo not only meets upcoming federal energy standards for 2015, but also the much stricter standards for 2018, meaning that in 5 years, it will still be in the same league as brand new units

Self clean option
Child lock
Easy to open coin trap
Adjustable leveling legs-4
Delay start
End of cycle chime
Angled 45 degree door handle (Reduces bending)
Start/Pause function
Water Saver option
Add-a-sock option
Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle
Easy to install – 2 shipping rods
Convertible Venting / Condensing Dry
Electronic Control Panel with LED lights
Energy Saving – auto display off after 5 min
Venting Booster fan option to blow air 50 ft
Type Combo Washer-Dryer
Capacity 13 lbs
Door Diameter / Swing 16″ / 180 degree
Programs 14
Adjustable leveling legs 4
Additive Dispenser Automatic
Stainless Steel Drum Yes
Dryer Ventilation (Convertible) Venting / Condensing
Wash or Dry Option only Yes
Pre-Wash Function Yes
Half-Heat Option Yes
Automatic door lock in wash Yes
Door lock open in dry mode Yes
Easy access coin-trap Yes
Speed 1000 rpm
Electrical 110 V 60 Hz 15 A
Height in inches (Net) 33.5
Width in inches (Net) 23.5
Depth in inches (Net) 22
LBS (Net) 161
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor

By - Maynerd on April, 04 2017

This item is in our 5th wheel we live in. It can be vented or not. Works better when it drys when vented. Washs great everything very clean, drying works great on light weight items. Takes very long time to dry Jeans, towels or any heavyweight item. Love the convenience to have this. We compared a lot of the washes before we bought this one.

By - Countrygirl on March, 24 2017

Purchased Jan 2017. For small spaces it's great, for looks its great. It does not dry cottons well at all. Items like my jeans, yoga pants, cotton pajamas I have to hang up to dry. But I knew that before I bought the machine as I have had a similar product made by LD about 15 years ago. I live in Canadian, this product was really hard to get but I knew I wanted one, so I went through jumps and hoops to get it, bypassing the tricky Home Depot US/Canadian relations. I had to go pick it up in the US at a delivery center 1 hr away but I figured it would fit in the back of my SUV which it did. The machine can vent outside as well as vent into the plumbing system I have connected up both but not sure if it is venting outside when I want it to. Still need to figure that out. I was disappointed that Home Depot would not let me pick this item up at their store. The manufacture called me to see to check on my purchase and that was very nice of them. I still need to unplug the machine pull it out of its spot once again to raise the feet so it sits a little higher in the space I built for it.

By - Frito on March, 24 2017

The washer dryer has improvements over my last one that was 14 years old.frito

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